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Co-founder of CNTRL Records. 


Growing up with a rich musical heritage it was almost destined that Aaron better known as Aztec would be involved in the music scene one day. An open lover of many different styles it’s Dance Music that’s always been closest to his heart, As a child he’d find himself having countless hours of joy listening to his parents cassette tapes. Being Dance Music lovers themselves he was exposed to everything the 90’s rave scene had to offer and It was these sounds that helped pave the way to what he plays today.


DJ’ing didn’t come around though till his mid teens but collecting music is something he’s always done with him having to spend most of his life dealing with the passing of his father. Music was the way he escaped from the harsh realities life had offered up for him, As he approached the age of 16 it was then when the decision was made to take all his musical knowledge and passion one step further by taking up the art of DJ’ing. In the early days Aaron mastered his mixing skills playing a selection of different genres until mid 2012 when he heard “Hot Natured - Forward Motion” for the first time, It was that moment his arm hairs stood up and he knew House Music was what he wanted to play since that day he’s never looked back. 


Fast forward to the modern day and Aztec has earned the right to support and play on events hosting some of the best House & Techno DJ’s the world has to offer. With sets on global brands Defected & Do Not Sleep you can now see him holding a residency at The Move one of the Midlands premier nights. Aaron is also heavily involved in Freakshow a brand new night which has a target of becoming a major force in his local city of Stoke-on-Trent. His goals for the future will see him being involved in the studio a lot more while also continuing to grow his label. 

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