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‘Blacklight (Original Mix)’ the title track sets the vibe from the off, a punchy kick drum, driving hats and groovy percussion sit alongside an infectious vocal loop which is backed up by a low driving bassline. All of this moulds it into a dancefloor banger that you can’t help but rave to. ‘Cluster (Original Mix)’ continues proceedings in a similar manner, crisp hats, punchy drums, swingy percussion blend with a thumping bassline and a trippy-leaning lead sound which help to give this track its own unique feel. Finally ’Mental State (Original Mix)’ rounds things off in a uptempo, harding hitting fashion. Aggressive sounding drums, raw basslines, and a burgeoning synth instantly demand your attention making it a true club weapon.




CNTRL011 is the first on CNTRL Records in 2020 for the Jordan2 boys the pair set the standard last year with a strong run of EP’s and remixes and this time around they’ve served us up a single track release. Because Of You (Original Mix) keeps in tune with their signature sound, the rolling house cut has an emotional strong vocal and fast hitting percussion that merges with a low driving bassline to form a track that screams out peak time banger! 2020 hasn’t been the year we all hoped it would be but we won’t be beaten and we’ll emerge from this pandemic even stronger, there’s plenty more to come from us in the coming weeks and months, watch this space.




2019 is coming to a close, autumn has arrived and with that comes CNTRL 007. The ‘Rainy Day’ EP is the latest release from Jordan2, the rising stars have switched to more analog gear and produced two tech thumpers. ‘Rainy Day (Original Mix)' is one for a not so rainy day, The deep tech roller packs a thumping bassline and snappy drum grooves. The high energy feel makes this one suitable for a pumping dancefloor. The B side, ‘Funky Wednesday’s (Original Mix)' swings more to the minimal side the lads deliver a groovy vibe. The drums are solid, the percussion swings & the bassline is funky which makes this the perfect the track to build the listener up to what’s coming next.




Our bright start to 2019 continues for this new release from Jordan². They return to the CNTRL Records fold to bring us CNTRL003 ‘Control Me’, the rising stars have produced two tech house rollers. ‘Control Me (Original Mix)' is the name of the A side, It’s a pure tech house affair with strong character, driving basslines and snappy drum grooves. The clever use of vocals and FX’s give it its own unique feel.

The B side, 'What You Got (Original Mix)' is a track in which Jordan² mange to create a much steadier vibe. The drums are crisp, the bassline is solid it’s perfect for transitions periods on the dance floor making any crowd wonder what’s going be next.




DJ/Production duo Jordan² unleash their unique sound on CNTRL Records. The talented Stoke-on-Trent based pair turn the heat up with their debut release entitled “Charged”. The percussive driven drums, selective vocal cuts and energetic breakdowns fit in with a deep growling bassline making this the perfect blend for a packed out dark low ceiling basement. Their signature sound has already seen them have multiple EP’s snapped up by various labels, we now welcome them to our family. Excited to see what the future brings with these two but for now enjoy this Tech House master piece!


Stoke-on-Trent DJ and production duo Jordan Forrester & Jordan Russell, Also known as Jordan² were once good friends at school and soon become distant strangers once they had left in 2012. 


Before getting together, They were both individually DJ’ing and producing. Jforrester got his first pair of decks back in 2010, Whilst at the time he was big into Hip-Hop and Grime and JRussell got his first set of decks when he turned 16. Forrester didn’t discover his love for House and Techno until he visited a local event in Stoke once he turned 18. At this point JRussell was already big into House and Techno. The duo both started producing at different times, Russell was experimenting with Hip-Hop beats at around 14 years old, and then later started to experiment with House and Techno. Forrester didn’t start producing until he was around 16, But didn’t take it very seriously until he started a music technology and production course at 18 years old, He is now at Staffordshire University for music production.


In early 2017 during a local House event in Stoke the two distant strangers crossed paths again and were able to share their passion that they both have for the love of music, production and DJ’ing. From there they decided to organise some studio sessions together to see what ideas they could come up with. A year later and they have multiple releases in the bag with many more projects lined up for the future.


Since getting together Jordan² have played at numerous events across Stoke, Freakshow, The Exchange Free Parties and Bonanza just to name a few. They also recently made their debut for The Move a well known dance event in the Midlands who bring the biggest international DJ’s in House and Techno to Stoke on a monthly basis. The lads have supported some big artists in the scene along the way such as Hannah Wants, Jacky, GW Harrison, The Golden Boy and Jimmy Switch.

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